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Famous Actor Han Jin Sop Remembered on His 100th Birth Anniversary
Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- A meeting to remember People's Artiste Han Jin Sop took place at the National Theatre on Thursday on the occasion of his 100th birth anniversary.

It was attended by officials, creators and artistes in the field of drama art, journalists and editors and his bereaved families and those related to him.

Ri Ji Yong, chairman of the C.C., the Theatrical Workers Union of Korea, spoke at the meeting.

He referred to the fact that supreme leader Kim Jong Un showed such loving care as making sure that such a meeting was held to remember the 100th birth anniversary of Han.

He recalled that President Kim Il Sung trained Han, who had to play a drama, traveling different places before the liberation of Korea, to be a prestigious one and led him with profound care to enjoy a worthwhile life for the development of the Juche-based literature and arts.

Leader Kim Jong Il praised Han, saying that his narrative skill was peculiar and his acting good while guiding feature film "Five Guerrilla Brothers" and revolutionary dramas "The Mountain Shrine" and "Blood at an International Conference" in which he acted.

Kim Jong Il projected Han as a veteran stage actor and showed such loving care for him as seeing to it that his remains were buried in the Patriotic Martyrs Cemetery.

The speaker said that thanks to the benevolent love of the peerless great men, Han is immortal.

The floor was taken by Han's former fellow artistes.

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