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KCNA Commentary Slams S. Korean Regime's Desperate Racket for Cooking up "North Wind"
Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet regime is desperately working to cook up the "north wind" with the elections to the local self-governing bodies at hand.

It dares accuse the DPRK, claiming the latter abuses the ferry Sewol disaster for "politically-motivated purposes" and attempts to "interfere in the elections" and the like.

While floating the fiction that the north would pose a threat by conducting a nuclear test, it is egging die-hard bellicose elements of the diplomatic and military circles onto letting loose such invectives that "the unification should be achieved with south Korea as a main player" and "the north is a country which should disappear".

Not content with kicking up the racket of "drones from the north", it is now hell-bent on confrontation with compatriots in the north and war moves against them after opening to public the "five-phase military strategy toward the north for unification."

This is a clear revelation of its sinister design to tide over its ruling crisis caused by the ferry Sewol disaster and to turn the situation before the elections in its favor.

The Park Geun Hye regime of south Korea is panic-stricken, pressurized by the public resentment and the anti-"government" actions of people of various circles mounting high in the wake of the ferry Sewol tragedy.

This cannot but be a telling blow to the regime keen to consolidate its base for unpopular rule through the elections to the local self-governing bodies.

Hence, the puppet group is again resorting to the racket for fabricating the "north wind", a trite-method employed by it whenever the situation turns unfavorable to it.

Clumsy, indeed, is this racket intended to divert the public mindset to confrontation with compatriots in the north and crackdown upon progressive forces and thus justify its fascist rule.

No matter how desperately the Park group may work, the ruckus of "north wind" can never work as its conspiratorial nature has already been brought to light.

The south Korean people has branded the farce of "drones from the north" kicked up by the regime as part of the "north wind" campaign, as a poor charade and a reckless act of describing the door of a toilet as a drone.

When the group floated a story about the "north's shelling" after firing at warships of the Korean People's Army, it was pressurized by the people to produce evidence. However, it let loose such sheer sophism that it was impossible to confirm the firing as the radar for detecting the "base of firing" failed to operate at that time only to become a laughing stock of the public.

Recently, even lawmakers from the "Saenuri Party" admitted that the racket of opening to public the minutes of the north-south summit kicked up by the Park group with the approach of the December, 2012 "presidential" election was a farce staged in collusion with the puppet Intelligence Service to grab power.

As proved by history and reality, the "north wind" ruckus is a hideous crime perpetrated by the Park group to mock at and stamp out the public mindset and thus maintain its unpopular rule.

That is why south Korean people from all walks of life are now escalating their actions against the regime, holding "the authorities are seeking a way out of its crisis caused by the ferry Sewol disaster through the fabrication of north wind".

The Park group is bound to meet ruin, hit hard by the public angered by its criminal moves.

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