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Parents of S. Korean Students Protest against Puppet Regime
Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- Parents of south Korean students protested against the unjust disciplinary measure to be taken by the puppet group against the participants in a declaration on the situation, according to a south Korean internet newspaper.

Some days ago the puppet Ministry of Education threatened that it would discipline the teachers who posted articles holding Park Geun Hye responsible for the ferry Sewol sinking disaster and demanding Park step down on the website of Chongwadae.

Meanwhile, it investigated over 15 000 teachers who participated in the declaration on the situation as regards the ferry disaster, talking about "violation of law".

In this regard parents of south Korean students posted an article titled "Who punishes whom?" on the website of Chongwadae on May 26.

They said that they saw the twisted education through the Sewol accident.

"Stay calm" was broadcast though the ferry was sinking, a clear proof showing the present situation of the twisted education, they noted, adding children and teachers were damaged most heavily.

The "government" is disqualified to discipline the teachers who participated in the declaration on the situation, they held.

The Park Geun Hye regime which cooked up the ferry tragedy with illegality, incompetence and greed should be disciplined by the people, they said.

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