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American Society Ridden with Crimes
Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- Everybody will be stunned to hear that it is not bad to live in a society torn with crimes.

A crime is a synonym for all sorts of evils harmful to the human beings and social system.

However, there are in the world those who are pleased to have a good fortune thanks to the criminals.

They are the privileged circles of the U.S. which styles itself a model of "human rights."

Some days ago, Russian TV Segodnya derided the astonishing way of money making now in vogue among the privileged circles in the U.S.

According to it, the U.S. government has a serious shortage of prisons as the cases of crimes are on the increase and, therefore, offenders are put in custody in private prisons.

The owners of the private prisons get richer with each passing day and the wealthy circles, encouraged by this, are reportedly vying with each other to invest money in setting up private prisons.

This is fin de siecle way of life that can be seen in the corrupt U.S. society only where money is everything and individualism is rampant.

Stunning events baffling human imagination are occurring in the U.S. society as billionaires who account for just one percent of the population hold sway over policy making.

To cite a typical example, acts on easing the gun-related regulations are being adopted in various states to allow the gun sale to individuals and approve the carriage of guns under the pretext of preventing crimes.

The society awash with guns is bound to be prone to horrible crimes and bring nothing but anxiety, fear and gruesome death to the people.

Those who get profits from these acts are the gun sellers and political tricksters who grow corpulent with the money paid by the former.

In a nutshell, the privileged circles are conceiving such acts aimed at stirring up crimes as acts on easing gun-related regulations in a bid to satisfy their greed. They are driving people to crimes.

Not content with this, they seek to gain a windfall by such a mean method as setting up private prisons.

The above-said rich in the American society are the foes of its people and criminals who are getting richer at the cost of the misfortune and pain of the toiling masses who account for 99 percent of the population.

That is why the world people call this society a heaven for the rich but a hell for the popular masses.

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