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Park Geun Hye's "Talk to People" Dismissed Hypocritical
Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- The south Korean internet newspaper Voice of People in an editorial on May 24 branded Park Geun Hye's "talk to the people" as a deceptive farce to mislead the public.

There are zealous moves to put to account the crocodile tears shed by Park when making public the "talk to the people" with the approach of the election to local self-governing bodies, the editorial said, adding this has brought to light the true colors of the "Saenuri Party".

On May 22 when the election campaign started, the co-chairman for measures for election of the party said "time has come to wipe tears shed by the president" and the chairman of the North Kyongsang provincial committee of the party cried out that "it would wipe away tears shed by the president", it charged, and went on:

This is neither accidental nor careless wag of tongue but the remarks deliberately made pursuant to the political strategy of the "Saenuri Party" to use the tears shed by the "president" for winning in the upcoming election.

It is surprising to see Chongwadae getting zealous in praising the "president" even though it fully displayed its extreme incompetency and irresponsibility in the eyes of all people and the world. What is all the more thrilling and shocking are the words and deeds done by those concerned of the "Saenuri Party" to meet their purposes for winning in the elections.

It is so alarming to see the efforts being made to use the "president's" tears for winning in the election.

The "Saenuri Party's" disgusting moves prove that Park's tears were just crocodile tears for winning in the election.

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