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KCNA Commentary Blasts S. Korea's Desperate Efforts to Get Rid of Serious Crisis
Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet group is making desperate efforts to get rid of the catastrophic crisis caused by the ferry Sewol disaster.

They are busy with another gambling called "five-phase military strategy towards north for unification".

The south Korean puppet joint chiefs of staff made public the strategy which applied the conception of "fourth generation war" at the "fourth great forum for bolstering up joint capability." It explained its background by claiming that "war for unification has its limit in achieving the goal by military victory only and it is possible to win it only when it gets support from inhabitants in the north."

This once again fully disclosed that "confidence-building," "Dresden declaration", etc. advertised by the south Korean puppet group are nothing but sheer farces.

It is a declaration of war as it revealed its wild ambition to escalate the military confrontation and the confrontation of social systems with the DPRK with daggers hidden under its belt.

Tragedy is that the puppet forces do not know who their rival is.

They assert that the "fourth generation war", a basis of "the five-phase military strategy", is the "conception of harassing the enemy's base and weakening the will to fight a war by use of nonmilitary means".

They are mulling using the same method as what the U.S. employed in bringing down both army and people of Iraq by running the whole gamut of plots.

However, what they should bear in mind is that the DPRK is quite different from Iraq as the international community unanimously recognizes. It is a pipedream for them to calculate that their cunning and sinister war method can work on the DPRK.

Single-minded unity and great unity of the army and people are the mainstay for the DPRK and its socialist system has been firmly defended as they serve as a fortress and shield.

Today the single-minded unity and great unity of the army and people in thinking and purpose have grown stronger than ever before. They serve as an ideological weapon and spiritual missile more powerful than nukes.

It is ridiculous, indeed, for the south Korean puppet forces to run amuck to destabilize the indestructible social system in the DPRK.

It is a big laughing stock that the puppet military which is no more than colonial mercenaries of the U.S. is talking about the "five-phase military strategy" and the "fourth generation war," parroting what their master utters.

It is as clear as a pikestaff that they are bound to meet self-destruction if they run amuck like a puppy knowing no fear of the tiger.

Those playing with fire are destined to perish in the flames like a tiger moth.

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