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Park Geun Hye Group's Story about "Shelling by North" Dismissed
Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- Nowadays the military gangsters of Park Geun Hye are despicably trying to cover up their unpardonable provocations committed in the sensitive waters in the West Sea of Korea, a hot spot.

The spokesman for the Command of the Southwestern Front of the Korean People's Army gave the following answer to the question put by the newspaper Joson Inmingun on Monday in this regard:

From olden times, lies and hypocrisy are the last card for criminals and cowards.

They are none other than the military gangsters of south Korean puppet military gangsters.

As already reported, the Command of the Southwestern Front of KPA released a crucial report in which it clarified the stand to wipe out to the last man the provokers who fired at warships of the KPA and peaceable Chinese fishing boats on May 20.

Much upset by the situation, the gangsters suddenly blustered that the KPA fired two shells at their warship on May 22.

However, this false story was immediately branded as a poor deceptive farce.

Under this situation they should have come to their senses.

But the group of Park Geun Hye started to cook up a bigger lie to cover up their provocation like a fool who jumps into the lake to escape rain.

Park Geun Hye personally convened an urgent meeting of ministers in charge of security and the puppet ministry of defense let its foolish spokesman term the just assertion of the KPA "sheer lie," staging a double farce.

They said two water columns were spotted in the waters 150m away from their navy warship as shells were fired by the north.

Nobody knows about this, except for those who asserted they witnessed the water columns.

Criminals see a pole as a scaffold. Those military gangsters mistook rising waves for water columns and shelling.

What is ridiculous is that they have kept mum about the cause of the columns of water and the firing point.

In reference to this, Kim Min Sok, spokesman for the puppet defense ministry, uttered: It was hard to properly detect the base from which shells were fired because there is a case in which it is difficult to discern the base of shelling under certain circumstances and a radar for detecting shelling which should have operated round the clock failed to do so that day.

By origin, Kim Min Sok is an ill-famed bete noire as he is used to read out whatever written by indiscreet Park Geun Hye and speak for the puppet defense ministry acting without any principle.

As far as the situation at that time is concerned, it required the maximum operation of the detecting means including radar as the military tension between the two sides escalated.

However, he floated the fiction about "shelling from the north," while claiming the above-said modern detecting means failed to operate for no reason to confirm the base of shelling under that urgent situation. The question is on what ground the south Korean side confirmed the "shelling from the north."

He looks confused when he tells a lie with his poor brain.

We don't care whether there is a water column in vast sea or how the puppet forces judge.

However, we can never overlook their wrong attitude of linking it with us and abusing it for confrontation with compatriots in the north.

It is a habitual bad practice of the south Korean puppet forces to groundlessly link whatever happening in south Korea with the north for accusing it.

It is none other than those forces which attribute the sinking of a ship in the sea to "torpedo from the north" and claim unidentified drones flying in the sky are from the "north" and the north is to blame for the huge paralysis of computer network.

They are naive enough to describe even a door of a toilet in a mountain as "drone from the north" and make much fuss, claiming even a flask obtained in the center of Yonphyong Island is a "bomb from the north."

That is why those forces insist that water columns rising in the sea are a proof of "firing of shells from the north."

Lairs have short wings.

Increased frenzy on the part of the Park military hooligans to label us "provocateurs" would only bring to light their shameless provocative nature.

They should know properly that no matter how persistently they spread the fiction about "shelling from the north," they can never save their fate already sealed.

Park has earned even an ill-fame as a big lair in the history of our nation by manipulating the fabrication of the story of "shelling from the north" behind the scene.

The U.S. revealed once again its true colors as chieftain of tricksters and fabricators before the whole world by joining its poor lackeys in spreading the sheer lie, an act unbecoming to a big power.

We solemnly declare on this occasion that if the service personnel of the KPA on the Southwestern Front open fire, they will not leave such columns of water but blow up the targets at a single strike.

The military gangsters of Park Geun Hye would be well advised to always remember that all the service personnel of the KPA on the Southwestern Front are highly alerted to carry out a combat order to wipe out those provocateurs the moment they move.

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