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All-People Candlelight Action Held in S. Korea
Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) -- An all-people candlelight rally took place at Chonggye Plaza of Seoul on May 24 under the sponsorship of the All-People Measure Council to Cope with the Ferry Sewol Disaster of south Korea.

Attending there were more than 30 000 people of all social strata including members of civic and public organizations, bereaved families, media persons, students and citizens.

Speeches were made at the rally.

The spokesman for the Measure Committee of Families of the Victims, Those Missing and Survivors of the Ferry Sewol Sinking Accident said that it is none other than south Korea that is sinking just like the ferry Sewol, adding the way of venting children's grudge is to thoroughly probe the truth behind the disaster and enact a special law.

A representative of the Ansan Citizens Measure Committee for Settling the Ferry Sewol Issue called upon all people to turn out in the struggle for probing the truth behind the ferry Sewol disaster and enacting a special law, noting that no more people should meet a miserable death.

The chairman of the trade union of KBS said that if KBS properly reported even a bit about the accident, the damage would have been reduced, expressing the will to make KBS a broadcasting service of the people.

At the end of the rally the participants launched a candlelight demonstration.

When demonstrators reached Posin Pavilion, they were joined by parents taking hands of their children, students of secondary and high schools, youths and inhabitants in Kyonggi Province.

The police ran amuck to crack down upon demonstrators, firing chemical material, but they did not yield to it.

The puppet security authorities took away more than 30 persons including the chairperson of the Metal Trade Union and the secretary general of the Confederation of Trade Unions.

The demonstrators reached Seoul Square and held a candlelight rally again.

At the rally speakers said that Park is the target of the investigation into the state policy, adding that the "Saenuri Party" should include Park in the list of investigation into the state policy unconditionally.

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