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S. Korean Authorities' Press Censorship Flayed
Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) -- 137 media scholars of south Korea issued a joint statement denouncing the authorities' press censorship, according to south Korean CBS.

They accused Chongwadae of interfering in KBS's activities to bar it from broadcasting a true story about the ferry Sewol disaster.

They held that the press censorship and the adhesion of power and media dating back to the period of the erstwhile military regime have been revived.

Chongwadae was behind the KBS case, they noted, demanding the present regime clarify its stand on this and punish those involved in it.

They urged the president of KBS to make an apology to the people and resign and the "National Assembly" to opt for a thoroughgoing probe into the truth and start a state investigation into the case.

Meanwhile, the Christian Presbyterian Church of south Korea in a commentary on May 23 demanded an investigation into the regime's unreasonable interference such as Chongwadae's control over the KBS.

Noting that KBS has lost its fairness, public nature and independence, the organization urged the regime to clarify the truth about the press censorship and immediately put in custody and investigate the KBS president.

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