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All Efforts Called for Rice Transplantation
Pyongyang, May 23 (KCNA) -- The organizations of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea are powerfully encouraging their members in rice transplanting campaign.

The Central Committee of the union and its organizations are letting officials energetically push ahead with ideological education of the agricultural workers and giving helping hands to the farmers and rendering material support to them, contributing to registering successes in the campaign across the country.

Officials of the union in South Hwanghae, North Phyongan and South Hamggyong provinces gave full play to enthusiasm among the members of the union. As a result, signal successes are reported every day.

North Phyongan Province's plan for rice transplanting is honored at 39 percent thanks to the efforts of the officials of the provincial committee of the union.

The organizations of the union in Sinuiju City and Kwaksan County organized a socialist emulation among operators of the rice-transplanting machines, making it possible to ensure the rice transplanting with the help of machines at a high level.

Co-op farms in South Hwanghae Province honored their daily quotas for rice transplanting thanks to the frontline-style political work of the officials of the provincial committee of the union including broadcasting, use of flash news boards, emulation diagram and visual agitation.

The Anak County Committee of the union fully solved the issue of spare parts and materials needed to the repair and servicing of farm machines, thus helping the county take the lead in the nationwide rice transplanting.

The Jagang Provincial Committee of the union effectively organized a socialist emulation among co-op farms and workteams, sub-workteams and other working groups.

Officials of the union in Pyongyang City, Hamju, Sukchon, Onchon and Anbyon counties have proved successful in the above-said agitation for successes in the rice transplanting campaign.

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