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S. Korean Regime Urged to Make Apology for Investigating Bereaved Families
Pyongyang, May 23 (KCNA) -- The Council for Round-table Conference of People from All Walks of Life to Cope with Sewol Disaster of south Korea made up of more than 500 civic and social organizations released a statement on May 20 denouncing the puppet authorities for making a belated apology to the bereaved families of victims and investigating them behind the scene.

The statement said it was disclosed that the police persistently shadowed and investigated bereaved families of the victims of the ferry Sewol disaster.

It was disclosed on May 19 that detectives of the Intelligence Section of the Tanwon Police Station in Ansan, Kyonggi Province shadowed bereaved families of victims, the statement said, and went on: In the morning the "president" made public a "talk to the people" expressing "apology" to the families whereas detectives followed and investigated the families in the evening.

The police's act of shadowing and investigating those families means that they treat the families as "potential criminals" and proves that the police attach importance to the security of the "government", far from expressing sympathy with the pain of the families demanding urgent rescue and probe into the truth.

The recently disclosed "government's" various forms of press censorship as regards the ferry Sewol disaster and the police authorities' investigation are part of evidence proving intelligence politics and red herring in different parts of south Korea reminding one of the days of military dictatorship.

All facts go to prove that the problem is the attitude of the Park Geun Hye regime towards the ferry tragedy.

The statement said the "government" and the "president" that behaved against the elementary etiquettes should make an apology for the investigation and shadowing and severely punish the chief culprit and those responsible for it at once.

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