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S. Korean Puppet Group's Crackdown on Bereaved Families Censured
Pyongyang, May 22 (KCNA) -- It was disclosed on May 19 that the south Korean police were shadowing representatives of families of victims active for the probe into the truth about the ferry Sewol tragedy and the punishment of those responsible, according to south Korean media reports.

Over 30 representatives of the families of victims found suspicious men following them in Kochang, North Jolla Province when they were on their way to Phaengmok Port on Jin Island, South Jolla Province to hold a meeting over the deceptive "talk to the people" made public by Park Geun Hye.

Recognizing them as detectives belonging to the intelligence department of the Tanwon police station in Ansan, Kyonggi province, the bereaved family members questioned about their identities but they shamelessly claimed that they were not police officers.

So, over 10 of the group took the two men to Ansan from where they staged a protest.

Much upset by this, the director of the Kyonggi District Police Agency and the chief of the Tanwon Police Station made an apology before bereaved families, making poor excuses that police action was not prompted by an evil intention and it was aimed to help bereaved families, afraid of the happening of anything undesirable.

It is not the first time that police resorted to suppression after the occurrence of the accident. It deployed plainclothes police officers in Jindo Gymnasium where families of victims put up, throwing a network of strict watch.

When families of victims enraged by the delayed rescue of those missing were about to get on the bus to go to Chongwadae to talk to Park Geun Hye, a group of police officers who were on standby nearby stopped them.

As they set out to go to Chongwadae even on foot, even the deputy chief of the puppet Police Agency came out to stop them, shouting hoarse that it was illegal to go to Seoul.

Despite this police suppression, the families of victims went to Seoul and rushed to Chongwadae, shouting "government is murderer!", "Park Geun Hye, hold responsibility!" and "Bring children to life!".

Much upset by this, the puppet group set in motion lots of police force to throw a cordon around Chongwadae and coldly treated them.

As seen above, the puppet group is keen to calm down the protest of the families of the victims of the tragedy and quell the public anger running high across society.

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