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Rice-transplantation Brisk in Countryside
Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- Officials and other working people in the field of agriculture and their helpers are all out for rice-transplantation.

Officials are joining the agricultural workers in the farm work, powerfully arousing their enthusiasm while scrupulously organizing it.

Signal successes in rice transplantation have been reported from the plain areas along the west coast.

Agricultural workers in Kwaksan and Ryongchon counties of North Phyongan Province are transplanting rice seedlings in a large area of paddies every day, while ensuring both speed and quality in the work by raising the operation rate of tractors and rice-transplanting machines.

All co-op farms in Pyongyang and South Phyongan Province are also registering successes in the rice transplantation by giving precedence to such work as paddy field leveling, irrigation and harrowing, etc.

Those in South Hwanghae Province are carrying out their daily quotas without fail after working out their plans for each field and date. Co-op farms in Anak, Jaeryong and Yonan counties are fully ensuring the required number of rice plants per phyong and bunch while operating tractors, rice-transplanting machines and other farm machines in full capacity.

Co-op farms on the east coast are channeling efforts into transplanting rice seedlings in the right time as required by weather conditions.

The area under rice seedlings is increasing as the days go by thanks to the high enthusiasm of officials and other agricultural workers and their helpers across the country.

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