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S. Korean Puppet Group Assailed for Censorship of Media
Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- The former news director of south Korean KBS on May 16 disclosed that the present puppet regime put restrictions on KBS broadcasting activities, according to south Korean KBS on May 17.

He said that KBS has not made a report criticizing Park Geun Hye since she came to power.

He was given pressures several times from a high-ranking official of Chongwadae over various press reports and the president of KBS gave many instructions to delete or downsize some reports, he noted, adding:

He received instructions from Chongwadae and the KBS president on refraining from accusing the maritime police in reporting about the ferry Sewol sinking disaster.

Referring to the fact that he was compelled to resign from the post of the news director as he made the reckless remarks that the number of victims of the ferry sinking accident is not so much compared with the yearly traffic accidents, he noted that the KBS president prodded him to tender his resignation with tears in his eyes, saying it is the intention of Park Geun Hye.

In this regard, the KBS Media Persons' Association held a meeting of the emergency measure committee on May 18 at which it denounced Chongwadae for instructing the KBS president to put restrictions on the reports on the ferry sinking accident.

It declared that if the KBS president refuses to resign, it would launch a strike.

The heads of the news headquarters of KBS said that the former news director's disclosure is probably true in view of the KBS president's behavior.

They said that they would resign from their posts as regards the situation of KBS.

The Democratic Alliance for New Politics, an opposition party of south Korea, denounced Chongwadae's censorship of KBS activities as a clear crime.

Park should immediately make an apology and punish those involved through the probe into the truth, it said, demanding an immediate resign of the KBS president.

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