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Anti-"government" Candlelight Action Staged in Seoul
Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- The Round-table Conference of People from All Walks of Life to Cope with Ferry Sewol Disaster in south Korea grouping at least 500 civic and public organizations sponsored a candlelight rally in Chonggye Plaza, Seoul, on May 17, according to the south Korean internet paper Voice of People.

Attending it were about 50 000 people from all walks of life including members of civic and public organizations, scholars, media persons, students, religionists and housewives.

It was held on the largest-ever scale after the ferry Sewol sinking accident.

Speeches were made to denounce the Park Geun Hye group for burying hundreds of persons in the seabed.

Rev. Kim Sang Gun underlined the need to correctly probe the truth about the disaster and call the "government" and "president" to account.

Ri Kyong Ho, senior vice-chairman of the Press Trade Union, noted that media persons were rising up in actions, adding that they would struggle for the resignation of the reptile KBS president kowtowing to power.

Kim Kap Su, professor at Kyunghee University, said the will to fight against the "government" which failed to protect the safety of the people in order to set right media which turned away their face to the truth and build a stable society.

Kim Jin Mo, student of Hanshin University, who is staging a hunger strike after having his hair cut close in demand of the probe into the ferry Sewol sinking accident, put on stage and asked "Is the ferry Sewol tragedy an accident or a murder?" The participants answered in chorus "Murder".

Jong Hyong Gon, chairman of the steering committee of the Joint Council of Civic and Public Organizations, said that people from all walks of life are now demanding the exhaustive probe into the truth and punishment of those responsible for the accident. He called for turning out in a million-people signature campaign reflecting the mind of the bereaved families.

The rally was followed by a demonstration.

Loudly heard in streets of Seoul were shouts "Park Geun Hye, resign!" "Park Geun Hye, take responsibility for disaster!" "Find out those missing!" "Bring our children to their lives!" and "Institute a special law!"

The participants gathered at the joint incense-burning altar at Seoul Square, honored the memory of the victims and expressed their will to stage a candlelight action with 100 000 people attending on May 24.

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