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Enslavement Education Policy Enforced by Japan in Korea in Past
Pyongyang, May 20 (KCNA) -- During its colonial rule over Korea, Japan had forced slave education upon the Korean people to obliterate their nationality.

It posted Japanese to an advisor to the education office of the Feudal Joson Dynasty to put the office under its control and then cooked up a "plan on educational reforms" outlining the general orientation of colonial education.

In the plea of "exemplary education" system, the Japanese invaders did not allow Korea to have any college and university, except high schools as the top education system in which school years were reduced at large.

Meanwhile, they made desperate efforts to remove any factors of anti-Japanese independence and modernity in the field of education. They enacted a series of evil laws, including "regulations on screening of textbooks" and "law on publications", in order to tighten the control over private schools and thus eliminate all kinds of anti-Japanese and nationalist textbooks.

As part of Japan's slave education policy, they retrogressively revised educational curriculums, forcing the schools to teach the Japanese language and history instead of the Korean history and geography. In particular, they urged all schools in Korea to use "Japanese Reader" as a must textbook that fostered illusion and flunkeyism toward Japan.

They also persisted in implanting the feudal-Confucian idea into the Korean students in an aim to make them meekly follow Japan's colonial rule.

Indeed, Japan's enforcement of slave education policy in Korea was a heinous crime committed with a sinister intention to "make Koreans Japanese subjects" and turn Korea into Japan's eternal colony.

The historical facts show that the Japanese imperialists are the wreckers of human civilization who make no scruples of doing anything to realize their design for domination over other countries.

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