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Talented Artists of DPRK
Pyongyang, 19 (KCNA) -- The Mansudae Art Studio in the DPRK has produced many talented artists who have made signal achievements.

Among them are Jong Yong Man (Kim Il Sung Prize laureate and winner of the titles of Twice Labor Hero and People's Artist), O Tae Hyong (Kim Il Sung Prize laureate and winner of the titles of Labor Hero and People's Artist) and U Chi Son (Kim Il Sung Prize laureate and winner of the title of People's Artist.)

Jong Yong Man, who was active as chairman of the Central Committee of the Artists Union of Korea and deputy director of the Mansudae Art Studio from 1990s, had created many art works of national value as part of efforts for the Juche-oriented development of Korean fine arts.

He made a big contribution to the artistic representation of the leader by creating many art works including "President Kim Il Sung Breaking Ground First to Signal the Start of the Improvement Project of the River Pothong".

Typical of his works are "The Glow over Kangson" and "Mt. Chilbo in Autumn".

O Tae Hyong devoted his artistic aptitude to erecting monumental edifices, thus accomplishing great feats in immortalizing the revolutionary history of the President. He took active part in building such edifices as the Chollima Statue, the Monument to the Victorious Battle of Pochonbo, the Grand Monument on Mansu Hill, the Wangjaesan Grand Monument and the Monument to Party Founding.

All of his works are constant in the revolutionary outlook on the leader while ensuring philosophical depth and vividness.

He wrote many books on the ideological and artistic value of the monumental edifices built under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea.

U Chi Son was a great master of Koryo celadon.

His career in the Mansudae Art Studio started from early 1980s and he created hundreds of pieces of porcelains, which were listed as national treasures.

His porcelains are considered as treasures of art in different countries of the world.

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