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Om Kil Son, Veteran Film Director of DPRK
Pyongyang, May 19 (KCNA) -- Om Kil Son (1934-2005) was a celebrated film actor and director, who recorded a significant page in the DPRK film history.

In his lifetime he made signal contributions to the development of the Juche-based film art, through his natural, vivid and experienced acting and skillful directing.

Born into a worker's family in the northern part of the country, he had worked as an actor of the Korean Film Studio, a director of the Paektusan Production Company and the director-general of the Korean Film Studio after graduating from Pyongyang Art School (Pyongyang University of Dramatic and Cinematic Arts at present) in Juche 46 (1957).

It was under the loving care of Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il that Om, once a worker, could develop into such positions.

The Generalissimos found his instinct for film art and showed deep care for his development into a film actor and then a director, even providing him with several hundred volumes of books. And they gave high appreciation of his feats, calling him as a gifted director, whenever he produced popular films.

Om Kil Son performed as a leading actor in more than 50 pieces of feature films, including "The Path of Awakening" and "Five Guerrilla Brothers", true to the Workers' Party of Korea's idea and policy of the Juche-oriented literature and arts.

The films directed by him include "Star of Korea" and "The Sun of the Nation", films dealing with the history of President Kim Il Sung's revolutionary activities, and feature films "The Fate of Kum Hui and Un Hui" and "Everlasting Comrade-in-Arms".

Om was awarded Order of Kim Il Sung and Kim Il Sung Prize and the titles of Labor Hero and People's Artiste for his contribution to the development of the Juche-based film art.

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