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U.S. Human Rights Abuses against Korean People Censured by British Organization
Pyongyang, May 19 (KCNA) -- The Britain-Korea Friendship Association made public a statement on May 8 denouncing the U.S. imperialists' human rights abuses against the Korean people.

It is very clear that the criminal acts committed by the U.S. imperialists against the Korean people are the worst human rights abuses, the statement said, and went on:

The history of the U.S. imperialists' crimes against the Korean people was not defined to a certain period but has continued for centuries.

Nevertheless, no one has been blamed for the crimes or punished.

The crimes perpetrated by the U.S. imperialists surpass those committed by Nazis.

They occupied south Korea by force of arms, splitting the Korean people who had lived as a homogenous nation for thousands of years.

They prodded the south Korean puppet forces to ignite the Korean war and killed many innocent Koreans with barbarian war means.

They are still disturbing the reunification of the Korean nation and perpetrating such unspeakable crimes as killing, rape and robbery in south Korea.

They are, indeed, the sworn enemy of the Korean people and the most barbarous and shameful aggressors and enemies of peace.

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