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Punishment of Murderous Enterprisers Demanded in S. Korea
Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- An editorial titled "Institution of law on punishing murderous enterprises that brooks no further delay" was posted by the south Korean internet newspaper Voice of People on Friday.

The editorial said that the prosecution put in custody and indicted the caption and 15 crewmen of the ferry Sewol.

It noted that their behavior was unpardonable in light of morality but the management side was not indicted though it was chiefly to blame for the accident.

It has been a practice that the owner of an enterprise goes unpunished but employees are punished when serious accidents occur, it said, and went on:

Now in south Korea six workers every day and more than 2 000 workers in a year die due to industrial disasters but owners of enterprises go unpunished or pay some fines.

It is not right to hold field manager responsible for accidents and not punish owners of enterprises and the management side.

The ferry Sewol sinking disaster occurred as the owner bought the old ferry, rebuilt it on an expansion basis at random and loaded cargos exceeding those reported. This is impossible if there is no instruction of the management side.

Such acts are a deliberate murder. It is necessary to institute a law to punish such guys as soon as possible.

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