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DPRK Children Enjoy at Remodeled Int'l Camp
Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- Children of the DPRK are now spending pleasant days at the remodeled Songdowon International Children's Camp.

What catches their eyes there is the luxurious campers' building, which bears resemblance to a windship.

Its interior reminds one of a fairy-tale palace.

The ground floor looks like the billowy deep, with fountains installed on both sides of a sculpture of three dolphins and pillar walls drawn with pictures from Korean children's films and collections of world's famous tales for children.

In the floor there are such welfare service facilities as medical treatment and check-up rooms and barbershop, designed in a peculiar way to ensure convenience and health care on the highest level.

Soft drink stands are on both corridors, with gold chariot-shaped computer desks displayed in front of them.

The floor has also a mess hall, which looks like an ice-rink or a cowl and from where one can overlook sea, and a cooking practice room equipped with all sorts of utensils.

On the first-sixth floors there are bedrooms.

Mun Un Hak, a third-year student of the Hamhung Orphans' Secondary School, told KCNA:

Now I feel myself in a dream. I could hardly get to sleep all last night with admiration and gratitude for Marshal Kim Jong Un's loving care.

We, campers, want to show our happy looks to Marshal Kim Jong Un.

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