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S. Korean "Government" Denounced for Neglecting Sea Disaster
Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- The south Korean KBS on May 14 denounced the puppet government for neglecting sea disaster.

The broadcasting said the "government's" sea disaster control system was disclosed to be full of shortcomings with the ferry Sewol sinking accident as an occasion.

It added:

Warships and helicopters of the maritime police arrived at the scene of the accident after over 30 minutes since they were informed of the ferry's sinking. But they rescued only crewmen getting out of the ferry and those passengers who jumped into the sea, far from boarding the ferry and rescuing the passengers.

The helicopters and warships carried neither personnel specializing in rescue operations nor rescue outfits.

Rescue personnel were gathered later but there was no navigation officer. In the long run, they arrived at the scene after the ferry sank.

The reason for this is that the maritime police have neglected its duty concerning disaster rescue.

90 percent of the warships of the maritime police were not equipped with rescue outfits and they did not conduct rescue training, either.

The yearly budget for the maritime police is far beyond one trillion won and only 1.6 percent of it is earmarked for security.

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