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S Korean Puppet Group's Moves to De-nationalize Railway and Medical Services Slammed
Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- The Confederation of Trade Unions of south Korea held a press conference at the plaza of Seoul Railway Station on May 12 denouncing the puppet group for trying to de-nationalize the railway and medial services, according to the south Korean paper Labor and World.

At the press conference, speakers denounced the Park Geun Hye regime for persistently pushing ahead with the privatization of railway and medical services posing a threat to the security of railway and the people's health in disregard of the ferry Sewol sinking disaster.

The ferry sinking disaster was caused by the greed of enterprises and wrong system and a product of the regime's indolence, they noted.

This being a hard reality, the regime is stepping up the privatization of railway and medical services that should guarantee the people's security and health, they said.

The Confederation of Trade Unions will turn out in the action to defend the railway and medical fields with the start of a 1,000- worker deceleration, they noted.

Then, the declaration was read out.

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