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S. Korean Media Disclose Check-up of Ferry Sewol's Lifesaving Equipment
Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- MBC, KBS and CBS of south Korea reported that the hideous ferry Sewol sinking accident claimed casualties due to careless check-up of its security.

The broadcasting services said that the ferry was equipped with 46 lifeboats and an evacuation slide, adding:

However, when the ferry sank, only one lifeboat worked, claiming huge casualties.

The results of investigation confirmed the fact that the check-up of lifesaving equipment was not properly made.

On February 11, the Chonghaejin shipping company side which owned the ferry ordered a check-up enterprise to finish the security check-up of its lifesaving equipment till February 15.

So, the check-up of them was conducted only for two days though it required 15 days in the light of the size of the ferry Sewol.

Only 9 lifeboats were examined for the mere reason that time is short, the evacuation slide was not checked and its package box was painted only.

Worse still, when the prosecution started an investigation into the ferry sinking accident, the company side inserted the check-up data of another ferry in the check-up document of the ferry Sewol.

There were briberies at each examination for measuring weight of the ferry, the broadcasting services said.

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