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No One Will Benefit from "Contingency" on Korean Peninsula: KCNA Commentary
Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- The Japanese government included the "contingency" on the Korean peninsula on the list of the targets to which the right to collective self-defense is to be exercised.

The government document related to the exercise of the right to collective self-defense cited the forced inspection of suspicious vessels in case of emergency in areas around Japan due to the "contingency" on the Korean peninsula as a specific example of "countermeasures equivalent to the use of armed force".

Earlier, the government examined a plan simulating a counterattack of aircraft of the "Self-Defense Forces" in case a U.S. airplane is attacked during the "contingency" on the Korean peninsula. This is an example of allowing the right to collective self-defense.

This hints that Japan is set to test the exercise of the right to collective self-defense through the peninsula.

The right to collective self-defense touted by Japan calls for a preemptive attack on other country for the reason that its ally can be attacked even though Japan is not attacked.

Japan, which was not allowed to exercise the right under the international order and laws in force in the post-war period, seeks to remove the obstacle that restricts its overseas military operations and thus pave the way for its legitimate military operations against the peninsula.

The aim sought by Japan in misinterpreting the Constitution in actuality is to take part in a war of overseas aggression, unhindered.

Today Japan has discarded its mask of a "pacifist state" which it has donned for nearly seven decades after the world war, thereby revealing its true colors as a war state and a belligerent force seeking world domination.

Japan has stepped up its preparations for the overseas advance of the "Self-Defense Forces" under this or that pretext by craftily taking advantage of the change in the international situation. It set military operations overseas as one of the major tasks of the SDF. The SDF has accumulated experience in military operations while operating in different regions including war-torn areas under the pretext of "anti-terror" actions.

The SDF has turned into aggression armed forces for attack and regular forces for reinvasion after going beyond the scope of "defense".

The Japan Defense Ministry announced a plan to launch a large-scale reorganization of the Ground "Self-Defense Force" to enhance its maneuverability. It decided to turn seven units of the Ground SDF out of its 15 units into task forces in order to make them a "mobile army" to cope with "contingency."

It is Japan's view that it can never realize its ambition for overseas aggression without putting under control Korea, a gateway to the continent.

Therefore, the Japanese reactionaries have escalated their hostile moves against the DPRK, zealously following the U.S. policy of hostility toward the DPRK and its pivot to Asia-Pacific strategy.

They are seeking a prompt and effective "reaction" to "contingency" in areas around Japan, mainly that on the Korean peninsula.

Japan has stepped up the adjustment of the legal groundwork for the exercise of the right to collective self-defense under the pretext of "nuclear and missile issues" of the DPRK.

The Japan Defense Ministry on April 24 announced that it deployed two PAC-3s in a base of the Air "Self-Defense Force" in Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture and clarified that it would deploy them in all parts of Japan on a phased basis to cope with the "missile threats" from the DPRK.

The Japanese reactionaries' reinvasion of Korea will become a prelude to the reinvasion of Asia.

Japan is behaving indiscreetly to fish in troubled waters by taking advantage of the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK and its pivot to Asia-Pacific strategy. But this is as foolish an act as jumping into fire with faggot on its back.

Korea is not what it used to be in the past.

No one will benefit from "contingency" on the Korean peninsula.

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