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South Korea Is Colony of U.S.: Rodong Sinmun
Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- It is intolerable that the spokesman for the south Korean puppet Ministry of Defence made invectives against the DPRK, the only country on the earth maintaining the principles of Juche character in ideology, independence in politics, self-support in economy and self-reliance in national defence, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in an article.

South Korea is a colony and hereditary estate of the U.S. which lost its sovereignty, the article notes, and goes on:

There exist in south Korea "president", "National Assembly" and "government" but they are nothing but a camouflage to conceal the U.S. imperialists' colonial rule and a means for carrying out their master's policy for aggression.

The pro-U.S. stooges who had taken office of "president" in south Korea from traitor Syngman Rhee to Park Geun Hye are puppets put under the control of their master without exception.

To say nothing of the decision of major policies, they can not say even a word as they please without the U.S. permission and dare not say "no" to the U.S. brigandish demand.

They are in a pitiful position to have diarrhea when their master U.S. has stomach-ache.

Being in such a poor situation, the Park Geun Hye group spoke ill of the most superior DPRK's socialist system and this is a mere foolish political cartoon of those who are in fear of the indestructible spirit and might of the DPRK.

The puppet group should clearly understand that it is Chongwadae and the corrupt colonial system in south Korea which should disappear by the retaliatory blow to be entailed by those reckless remarks.

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