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S. Korean Authorities Accused of Their Moves to Stamp out Progressive Media
Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA) -- South Korean Internet paper Jaju Minbo Tuesday carried an article denouncing the puppet group for their moves to stamp out progressive media.

The authorities are seeking to close the paper for the mere reason that it dealt with the news about the north, the article said.

There prevails in south Korea heterogeneity little short of banning any talk about the society in the north.

By origin, the Koreans in the south and the north were separated from each other by outsiders though they are one and the same nation, the article noted, adding that to prevent one from watching the north unconditionally is little short of forcing one to forget one's native place and abandon parents and their children.

The south Koreans should properly understand the north for the sake of reunification but the "government" remains hostile toward the north, regarding it a country which one should not know about, it stressed.

The "government" is working hard to stamp out the paper though it has made efforts to let the south Koreans know about the truth about the north, it held.

It declared that the paper would make more dynamic efforts for the reunification of the country defying the "government's" moves.

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