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KCNA Commentary Blasts Reckless Remarks Made by Spokesman for S. Korean Defense Ministry
Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA) -- Spokesman for the south Korean puppet Ministry of Defense Kim Min Sok talked this or that about the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and its political system at a news briefing on May 12.

He found fault with the just demand raised again by the DPRK to clarify the story behind the "north's involvement" in the drone case and to start a joint investigation just like a guilty party filing the suit first. He went the lengths of calling the DPRK a "country telling a lie" and a "country that should not be allowed to exist".

This is an intolerable insult to the sovereignty of the DPRK, the most independent, popular and dignified country in the world, and a declaration of an all-out confrontation of the social systems.

Kim Min Sok's nonsensical talk is a last ditch effort vividly revealing the true nature of the puppet group making a desperate bid to tide over the ever-deepening ruling crises.

The Park Geun Hye group is finding itself in the worst crisis due to the unprecedented ferry sinking tragedy and other disasters.

People of all social standings wage an unflinching action demanding the resignation of the incompetent and irresponsible Park Geun Hye regime. The people's resentment against Chongwadae is running high in south Korea.

Thrown into extreme horror and uneasiness, the Park group is working hard to calm down the public anger and get rid of the pretty fix even by pulling up the DPRK just as what her preceding dictators did.

This is clearly proved by the behavior of Kim Min Sok, a yes man of Park and a trumpeter of the puppet Ministry of Defense.

At a news briefing on April 22 Kim jabbered that "south Korea is closely following the north's moves for a nuclear test" and "there will happen something alarming before April 30." On April 29 he cried out for "resolutely countering" while talking about a "provocation" by someone.

The whole of south Korea has turned into a mayhem in the wake of the ferry Sewol sinking disaster. How can the spokesman for the "Ministry of Defense" which oft-repeats its care for the people's lives and security let loose such outbursts?

The ferry disaster is a hideous man-made one for which the Park Geun Hye regime and the puppet Defense Ministry are wholly to blame.

The April 12th issue of the south Korean Kyunghyang Daily News in an article titled "Quick involvement of maritime police could have saved all passengers aboard" said the maritime police had 47 minutes enough to have access to the ferry and rescue the passengers right before the sinking, adding a person concerned of the prosecution-police joint investigation headquarters for the sinking of ferry Sewol clarified that at 9:30 on April 16 when the maritime police arrived at the scene first, the ferry was tilted about 45 degrees, and if the maritime police had immediately started the rescue operation, all passengers on board could have been rescued.

If the ministry equipped with huge troops as well as diving outfit essential for rescue operation, to say nothing of rescue aid gears had taken timely measures, such a big disaster would not have occurred.

But not only Park who has full command of the armed forces but the puppet Defense Ministry were keen to evade the responsibility, far from starting the rescue operation. Moreover, they tried to divert elsewhere the public criticism by pulling up the DPRK.

It was by no means fortuitous that the Chinese Huan Qiu Shibao on April 23 commented that "the south Korean Defense Ministry at a news briefing on April 22 diverted the attention of the outside world to the areas north of the 38th parallel."

The DPRK has already clarified that it would settle accounts with those who hurt the dignity of its supreme leadership and the sacred political system in it whoever he or she may be and wherever they might be.

Kim Min Sok is seriously mistaken if he thinks he can get rid of the precision strike range as he has already been put on the list of targets.

Those who are engaged only in hideous provocative acts of hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and slandering its political system will be forced to pay a very high price.

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