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U.S. Should Not Deceive Reality: Rodong Sinmun
Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) -- Officials of the U.S. State and Defense Departments recently vied with each other to admonish "north Korea to exercise a self-restraint to refrain from acts escalating tensions" and assert that "the U.S. remains unchanged in its stand for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula."

The U.S. even called on the DPRK to return to the NPT and fulfill its commitments when it made appearance at an international meeting.

Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in a commentary terms this another deceptive farce fabricated by the Obama group, much upset by the DPRK's clarification of its toughest stand.

The commentary goes on:

The U.S. brands acts to defend one's own inviolable country and territory from outside aggression as a "provocation" and "threat" and justifies a gangster-like act of kicking up a war racket in other's land. This is a shameless act of making a profound confusion of the right and wrong.

Clear is the aim sought by the U.S. in clamoring for "restraining from provocative acts" and "honoring the commitments". This is aimed to continue to provoke the DPRK, lead it to military countermeasures and thus brand it as a "belligerent" country and justify Washington's military moves.

But the U.S. is seriously mistaken. Its true colors as a provoker and aggressor harassing peace and stability on the Korean peninsula are being brought to light.

We have nothing to hide or make up. We have already declared that the main target of our diversified nuclear strike means is the U.S. Now that the U.S. conducts joint military exercises, a test nuclear war targeting the DPRK, in south Korea every year, we will continue to conduct nuclear and missile tests to cope with them.

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