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S. Korean Regime Slammed for Blocking Events for Mourning over Death of Passengers of Ferry
Pyongyang, May 13 (KCNA) -- The south Korean youth solidarity on May 9 issued a statement in denunciation of the south Korean authorities' action of blocking citizens' events honoring the memory of the victims of the ferry Sewol sinking disaster.

The bereaved families of the victims and other people of south Korea are staging actions against the incompetent regime.

The authorities instructed the police to stop the bereaved families and other citizens from going to Chongwadae for the mere reason that they were wearing funeral garments, and made no scruple of stopping young people who look like students.

Park Geun Hye is wholly to blame for the recent disaster, the statement said, adding people are greatly stunned by the inhumane attitude of the regime.

Noting that the youth can never remain a passive onlooker to the action of the regime which tells only lies, not making any step to rescue those missing, the statement expressed the determination to stage candlelight protests across south Korea in hearty response to the calls of the bereaved families.

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