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S. Korean Authorities Accused of Their Unethical Atrocities
Pyongyang, May 13 (KCNA) -- The Solidarity for Progress of south Korea made public a statement on May 9 condemning the puppet authorities for their unethical atrocities.

The statement said that the authorities prodded KBS and other major broadcasting services to air programs about the ferry Sewol sinking accident in favor of the regime.

It went on:

The news director of KBS, in particular, instructed its announcers not to put on black clothes as the ferry sinking accident is an "ordinary traffic accident." He went the length of making reckless remarks that there is no need to hear all what the families of those missing say, lashing the bereaved families into fury.

A spokesman for Chongwadae in a press conference talked about "pure bereaved families", adding that the bereaved families have any political purpose. His attitude revealed that he regarded as a "political intention" the people's resentment at the regime's ridiculous counteraction which was shown in the course of bridging over the accident.

The "government" responsible for people's safety insulted the demand of the bereaved families as a "political intention". It is little different from rubbing salt into the wounds of the people and bereaved families.

Chongwadae should not calm the people's resentment and mislead the situation but stop evading its responsibility for the accident through media put under its control and dismiss the news director of KBS, the statement noted, urging Park Geun Hye to make a direct apology before the bereaved families.

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