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DPRK Pays Big Efforts to Protection of Migratory Birds
Pyongyang, May 12 (KCNA) -- May 11 and 12 are World's Day of Migratory Birds.

On this occasion, the DPRK has conducted intensive information activities through media, calling upon its citizens to pay attention to the protection of migratory birds.

Korea serves as a major passage route or stoppage place for migratory birds in Northeast Asia. Recently, 100-odd species of migratory birds have been observed in the country's northeastern part of Rason, drawing the attention of global ornithologists.

In the country many migratory birds stay to lay eggs, among them Platalea minor (black-faced spoonbill), Grus japonensis (red-crowned crane), Egretta eulophotes (Swinhoe's Egret) (Chinese Egret) and Grus vipio (white-naped crane).

Under the government measure, a drive to protect the birds has been made in tidelands along the east and west coasts of the country, mouth of rivers, swampy lands and island areas. Efforts were made to provide good habitats in passage routes for the birds.

More than 180 species of migratory birds live at or pass through the Mundok Migratory Bird Reserve and their number amounts to tens of thousands. Scores of species of them are subobsolete or rare-to-be-seen.

To protect such species, the government has strengthened international exchange and cooperation.

The government also dispatched ornithologists to the Sindo Migratory Bird Reserve and other sanctuaries to take necessary steps in keeping with breeding season of migratory birds.

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