calendar>>May 12. 2014 Juche 103
Man-centered Literary and Art Theory Established in DPRK
Pyongyang, May 12 (KCNA) -- In his lifetime leader Kim Jong Il had worked heart and soul to provide the Juche-based theory on literature and arts.

The history of human culture witnessed various forms of bourgeois and progressive literary and art thoughts, including naturalism, formalism, realism, classism, romanticism, critical realism and socialist realism.

But, all of them could hardly meet the demand of the new era of Juche that calls for arts conducive to training the popular masses, the maker of history, into independent and creative beings.

Kim Jong Il kindled the flames of the literary and art revolution, regarding that to create the genuine humanics giving exposition of such problems of independence and an independent human being conforms to the requirement of the developing times.

He raised the banner of Juche-based realism, a fresh and revolutionary creative method national in style and socialist in content. And he developed Korean-style socialist realism, established by President Kim Il Sung during the anti-Japanese armed struggle, into Juche-based realism.

Juche realism based on the Juche idea, a perfect, realistic creative method and a man-centered theory on literature and arts, ushered in a new era of genuine humanics, a period of socialist renaissance.

This theory now serves as the motive power in bringing a radical turn in the creation of arts in the DPRK under the guidance of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

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