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Park Geun Hye's Group Slammed for Its Election Rigging
Pyongyang, May 11 (KCNA) -- It has been recently exposed that coteries of the south Korean puppet Intelligence Service gave a fabulous amount of funds for intelligence activities to agents engaged in psychological warfare of the Cyber Command under the Defense Ministry with the approach of the past "presidential election" to post on websites lots of articles supporting Park Geun Hye and slandering the candidate from an opposition party. By nature, this case was disclosed in October last year only to spark off a furor.

The detailed fact disclosed this time brings into bolder relief the despicable election rigging of the Park group, says Rodong Sinmun Sunday in a commentary.

It is quite natural that the enraged public of south Korea is becoming more vocal insisting that Park should step down at once as the past "presidential election" is a hideous election rigging and the present regime is the "one by election coup", the commentary notes, and goes on:

Nam Jae Jun, director of the Intelligence Service, feigned ignorance, uttering that the support budget had nothing to do with the election as it was "aimed to help a psychological warfare against the north".

And Chongwadae is going to hush up the case and hide Nam away by taking advantage of the atmosphere in south Korea which has turned into a mourner's house due to the ferry Sewol sinking accident. This is an unpardonable mockery of the south Korean people and a shameless act of trying to justify the illegal election of Park at any cost.

Traitor Nam Jae Jun is the kingpin of fascist plots and confrontational racket against the DPRK, becoming the target of dislodgment. But Park is zealously shielding Nam reeking of stink.

The puppet group is trying to let Nam stay in office and hush up the election rigging but the enraged people of south Korea will never pardon it.

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