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Potato-planting Progresses Apace in Ryanggang Province
Hyesan, May 9 (KCNA) -- Rural areas of Ryanggang Province are reporting signal successes in potato-planting.

The agricultural workers of Taehongdan County overfulfiling their daily plan for potato-planting more than 20 percent by making a maximum use of tractors, potato planting machines and other farm machines. All farms in the county finished potato-planting in a little over 15 days.

Samjiyon and Paekam counties are ensuring the speed and quality of potato-planting by giving priority to field plowing, applying quality compost to each plant and introducing a rational method of potato-planting.

After fixing on a scientific basis the time for potato-planting according to each field and area, Kapsan, Samsu and Pochon counties are honoring their daily quotas for potato-planting through a brisk socialist emulation among workteams and sub-workteams.

Cooperative farms of Phungso, Unhung and other counties are planting potatoes as required by the Juche farming method while organizing manpower rationally and ensuring the number of plants per phyong.

Officials and other people of the industrial establishments in the province are rendering material and moral assistance to the agricultural workers out in potato-planting.

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