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Rice-Transplanting Starts in South Hwanghae Province
Haeju, May 8 (KCNA) -- Rice-transplanting started in rural areas of South Hwanghae Province of the DPRK.

The agricultural workers and officials are registering successes in rice-transplanting after cultivating strong rice seedlings by sowing and tending seedling beds carefully.

Farms in Anak, Pyoksong and Jaeryong counties are concentrating their efforts on ensuring quality of rice-transplanting through technological guidance in conformity with the growth of seedlings and the climate in the relevant areas.

The agricultural workers of Haeju City and Yonan and Paechon counties are pushing forward rice-transplanting while giving priority to plowing of paddy fields, irrigation and harrowing and increasing the operation rate of rice-transplanting machines.

After cultivating strong rice seedlings under the unfavorable condition in which drought persists, farms in Sinchon, Songhwa and Samchon counties are stepping up rice-transplanting after shaping detailed plans according to date and fields.

Ongjin and Kangryong counties are transplanting rice seedlings in huge areas every day while leveling field and ensuring the number of rice plants per phyong and the number of rice plants per bunch as required by the Juche farming method.

Chongdan, Unchon and other counties are speeding up rice- transplanting by rationally distributing rice-transplanting machine drivers, rice seedling suppliers and water caretakers.

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