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U.S. Plagued with Serious Gun-related Crimes
Pyongyang, May 7 (KCNA) -- Serious gun-related crimes occurred in Texas and Kansas, etc. of the U.S., claiming the lives of dozens of people.

At a U.S. military base in Texas State a soldier in his combat fatigue desperately made shooting spree, leaving three persons dead and 16 others wounded. It caused such great chaos that many around the scene of the crime ran about to seek shelters. A similar crime took place in November, 2009, too in this military base, leaving 13 dead and 32 others wounded.

As regards the gun-related crime which occurred in Kansas on April 14, Obama shouted hoarse that such case should not be allowed to occur again as it makes people worry about their safety. But gun-related crimes are like a malignant tumor hard to cure as they are rampant in the society as a trend.

Due to ceaseless gun-related crimes, people are exposed to constant threat to their safety. They are not free from uneasiness and horror.

In the U.S. 69.3 percent of murders and 41 percent of robberies are gun-related crimes.

The number of guns possessed by individual inhabitants reaches about O.3 billion and over 100 000 people are suffering from gun-related crimes.

In New York in 2013 alone, there occurred 1 093 gun-related crimes.

The U.S. is plagued with all social evils and awash with guns. So, gun-related crimes take place frequently regardless of time, place and age.

Shooting sprees occur at campuses of universities and high schools, department stores and even churches. Due to these crimes, those who are not particularly related to criminals fall victim to them with their grudge unsettled and many people meet grievous deaths.

Even soldiers and policemen who should be responsible for the lives and security of people are involved in these gun-related crimes. For instance, a policeman shot a man living in a tent to death in March last.

As society is awash with guns, even children brandish guns, causing a series of gun-related crimes.

A 2 year-old boy fired a loaded gun at his 11-year old sister on her breast by accident in the bedroom of his parents at a house in Philadelphia City on April 6. A little boy in a city of Georgia State also accidentally shot her 10-year old sister to death on April 4.

As seen above, the U.S. tops the world list of gun-related crimes.

It is quite natural that social uneasiness is growing day by day among Americans due to various crimes including gun-related crimes.

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