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Park Geun Hye Censured as Root Cause of Disasters of Nation
Pyongyang, May 2 (KCNA) -- Not a few days have passed since Park Geun Hye took office in Chongwadae in south Korea.

Being fascinated by honey-coated "commitments" made by Park early in her office, many people pinned great hope on her. But as months and years passed by, their hope turned into disappointment, rapidly touching off grudge and anger.

A flurry of censure and denunciation is directed to Park as she has lost all qualities as "president", human being and woman, a clear indication of the people's mindset.

Park is like an "owner of grave keeper's cottage" as she turned the whole of south Korea into a cemetery.

On April 16 ferry "Sewol" sank in waters off Jin Island, South Jolla Province of south Korea. This was a hideous man-made disaster deliberately caused by Park.

After getting notified of the accident, she reluctantly made her appearance in the scene where the rescue operation was under way. There she simply said that "she felt sorry" and expressed sham consolations to the bereaved families, uttering "they should trust the government".

As confusion was made in the rescue operation and a deliberate default was manifested in it, the bereaved families burst into bitter lamentation and criticism and grievances of people of various circles mounted high, Park convened a meeting of chief secretaries of Chongwadae on April 21 at which she began evading responsibility, as if she had nothing to do with the accident. She grumbled "the captain of the ferry behaved like a murderer", far from taking an appropriate measure.

Park only admonished her stooges and trumpeted about responsibility with a cool look without clearly expressing any proper consolations and apology even though many days have passed since the tragedy. This inhumane act bereft of common sense has touched off extreme hatred and resentment among the people.

The preceding rulers of south Korea admitted responsibilities and made formal apologies whether they liked it or not, when huge disastrous accidents occurred, as they were unable to swim against the people's mindset.

But it was only Park who did not hesitate to show such a thrice-cursed behavior of mocking the people and evading responsibility.

That is why the south Korean public is branding Park, the boss of Chongwadae, as the "owner of grave keeper's cottage".

Park is a master-hand at slandering fellow countrymen and a woman confrontation maniac.

Park's confrontational hysteria of hurting the dignity and social system of the DPRK has already gone beyond the tolerance limit.

As she is keen on escalating the confrontation of the social systems, she, far from accepting with sincerity the series of fair proposals made by the DPRK for the improvement and development of the north-south relations from the outset of the year, viciously challenged them, calling them a "camouflaged peace offensive for conducting overseas propaganda and for inciting conflicts among southerners".

Park is an adventurous being who always goes to the extremes and has considered her fellow countrymen in the north as a principal enemy and target of confrontation and war. She is no more than a mentally deranged who does not have normal thinking faculty and insight, and a confrontation maniac just like a rabid dog always keen on biting others.

What she let loose day and night is just malignant mud-slinging at the DPRK's nuclear deterrence for self-defence, which only triggered off public jeers and censure.

Park made waste water-like reckless remarks slandering the DPRK's line on simultaneously developing two fronts after inviting her American master reminiscent of a wicked black monkey to visit south Korea on April 25.

The people are unanimous in deploring the fact that there is no remedy for curing Park's mental disease as she has gone so mad with hurling mud at the nuclear deterrence of justice which the fellow countrymen in the north have had access to prevent the outside forces from imposing a nuclear disaster upon them.

Worse still, she is making a new ploy so called "human rights issue in the north" aimed at hurting and slandering the fellow compatriots. This is also part of her confrontational hysteria.

If things had gone properly, Park should have looked back upon the pitiful reality of south Korea where students are choosing suicide owing to the unrealistic education policy and unpopular policy of discriminating against youth and children.

Nevertheless, she, at her American master's prodding, is unhesitatingly resorting to such thrice-cursed move to set up an international "office for human rights in the north," not content with desperately pulling up the DPRK over its inviolable human rights.

She is no more than an old prostitute coquetting with outside forces.

What she has done, kowtowing to outside forces since she took office as "president," clearly proves that she is no more than a dirty political harlot and old prostitute without an equal as she is steeped in sycophancy and treachery.

It was none other than Park who drove all the fellow countrymen into the danger of a nuclear disaster by staging Max Thunder in the wake of Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military drills targeted at the compatriots in the north with huge nuclear war means of the U.S. involved.

She is adding to her thrice-cursed crimes by leaving to the tender mercy of the U.S. the "right to command the wartime operations," a symbol of national sovereignty.

It is not hard for anyone to guess that the farce of postponing the transfer of the above-said right agreed with Obama in secrecy is a revelation of her sinister intention to make a preemptive attack on the DPRK, relying on her American master.

All Koreans are spitting on her as she is resorting to whorish and disgusting political prostitution only after leaving her soul or chastity violated at such old age of over 60.

The mindset of south Koreans is growing angry.

The voice of the people is the voice of God.

It is impossible for her to check or escape the deep-rooted grudge of the people.

As long as Park is allowed to stay in power it is absolutely impossible to see the improvement and development of the inter-Korean relations and peace and reunification of the country and the south Korean society and all Koreans will suffer only disasters and misfortunes.

It is necessary to remove the root cause of disasters of the nation as early as possible.

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