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Wave of Creative Speeds Witnessed in DPRK
Pyongyang, April 30 (KCNA) -- Over the past years the DPRK has made long strides, creating the world-startling speeds of advance one after another.

Its people built the war-torn country into a socialist industrial state with the Pyongyang Speed, Vinalon Speed and Chollima Speed that helped work admirable miracles and innovations in construction and production.

The 80's Speed Movement was launched in the 1980s, resulting in emergence of the West Sea Barrage, called a miracle in the 20th century, and a period of prosperity in the construction of Pyongyang.

In the 1990s, the DPRK overcame the hardships, caused by the imperialists' unprecedented isolation moves, and paved a way for building a thriving nation by creating unusual advance speeds.

Then followed the Huichon Speed and the Masikryong Speed whereby the Korean people put the local machinery factories on a CNC basis in a little more than 10 years and soldier-builders built a world-leading ski resort in more than one and a half year.

When touring the construction site of gasification process at the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex in March Juche 100 (2011), leader Kim Jong Il appreciated its builders for having completed the construction in the main in one and a half year and stressed that it was another miracle to be recorded in the history of construction. This is a new Chollima Speed, the speed of Korea that makes one hundred or one thousand steps forward while others take one or ten steps, he added.

The recent one year witnessed one more speed of advance in the DPRK, which ushered in the heyday of construction in the country.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the January 8 Fishery Station of the Korean People's Army, which was built in a matter of two months after he initiated its construction, and called it a display of Korea Speed.

The advance speeds created by the Korean people prove that the DPRK does what it is determined to do.

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