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Turf Planting Gains Momentum in DPRK
Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- A turf-planting campaign is now gaining momentum in the DPRK, with the spring period of the general mobilization for land management as an occasion.

According to an official concerned, citizens in Pyongyang and different parts of the country have striven to cover vicinities of roads, buildings and rivers and all other fresh grounds as well as parks and pleasure grounds with turf and good species of trees.

Big efforts are paid to planting ornamental and ever-green turf species on the scientific and technological basis. "Golden" turf is applied to sunshiny banks and slopes and plantain lily and Liriope platyphylla to places under the big trees or sunless areas to meet their ecological demands.

Meanwhile, a deep attention is given to such cultivation of lawns as watering and weeding.

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