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World's Poorest Human Rights Record in S. Korea Disclosed
Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- The National Reunification Institute and the Measure Council for Human Rights in South Korea released a white paper Tuesday to inform the public at home and abroad of the poor human rights record in south Korea, a product of the U.S. colonial rule and the puppet forces' unpopular rule.

All fields of south Korea including politics, economy, military and culture are entirely dependent on the U.S., the white paper says, and goes on:

The U.S. regard south Koreans as no more than ducks in water, pheasants in the mountains and rats in fields. GIs consider south Korean women as no more than sexual playthings.

The U.S.-led foreign monopoly capital accounts for 30 percent of the south Korean stock market and big businesses and banks hold more than 50 percent of stocks, swaying over the south Korean economy. They rake in profits running to billions of U.S. dollars from stock dividends only every year.

The U.S. monopoly capital stalks in south Korea, making businesses of south Korea go bankrupt and its people languish in unemployment and poverty.

Onrush of excessive agricultural products from the U.S. threatens the local farmers numbering more than 2.8 million.

The U.S. built military bases in different parts of south Korea and has staged madcap military exercises. This has deprived south Koreans of their cradle of life, devastating farmland, taking their lives and doing harm to human bodies and polluting environment.

Young and middle-aged south Koreans are taken off as cannon fodder of the U.S. in its wars of aggression.

There is no land in the world except for south Korea which is suffering such humiliation as offering funds as upkeep of the foreign occupation forces.

South Koreans have no place where they may complain even though they are deprived of everything by the U.S. and their rights violated by it.

Human rights are more crudely violated due to the puppet forces' medieval, tyrannical and unpopular rule.

Political freedom and democratic rights are mercilessly infringed upon, among other things.

The progressive party that made a legitimate appearance was forced to be disbanded, after being labeled "forces following the north" and a lawmaker from an opposition party was walked away from the "NA" building in broad daylight, on the charge of his alleged involvement in an "attempted rebellion."

In the eight months of the present regime more than 23,790 articles were deleted from internet site for being "articles following the north", and hundreds of internet sites were forced to shut down.

People demanding the right to existence were harshly suppressed.

When workers in the field of railways staged a strike against the de-nationalization of railways at the end of last year, the fascist authorities hurled at least 5,000 police of over 60 companies to put it down the way they conducted an "anti-terrorist operation". They even stormed the building of the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions without a confiscation and search warrant and walked off more than 130 people.

The puppet forces' unpopular rule deteriorated the living of south Koreans from all walks of life, forcing them to undergo unspeakable sufferings.

The number of the unemployed has reached over 4.5 million and that of underemployed who do part-time jobs for low wages for a day or a few months almost 10 million. People accounting for 11-19 percent suffer from chronic malnutrition.

The number of those who commit suicides is more than 40 a day, topping the world list.

Over 1.1 million or 20 percent of the aged roam about in the streets, begging for food or rummaging garbage bins, being forsaken by society and their children.

Children kill their parents in cold blood for money and all other kinds of crimes including murder, rape and robbery are prevalent in south Korea.

The south Korean puppet group's terrorism and abduction are another example of serious human rights abuses.

It is working with bloodshot eyes to conduct terrorism and abduction of citizens of the DPRK by mobilizing the Intelligence Service, the Foreign Ministry, Unification Ministry and all other plot-breeding organizations. This unprecedented man-hunting is being commanded by Chongwadae.

Agents of the puppet Intelligence Service and such anti-DPRK plot-breeding organizations including "Missionary Council of Duri Hana", "Good Friends" and "Association for Improving Human Rights in North" and terrorists and agents who go under the masks of religionists, businessmen and philanthropists, financed by the puppet authorities, go on the rampage in the northeastern area of China, abducting and luring citizens of the DPRK.

Those citizens of the DPRK who had been abducted by the south Korean puppet forces and taken to south Korea are interrogated at the "central joint investigation center" made up of those concerned of the puppet Intelligence Service, Unification Ministry, Defense Ministry and police for six months. They receive "anti-communist brain-washing education" for three to four months, being subject to all kinds of violence at a concentration camp called "Hana Center".

Those who had been taken to south Korea are also subject to sub-human mal-treatment and humiliation.

Unable to eke out their living, they reside in places around mountaineering courses or garbage ground, picking up leftovers of food in day time and covering their bodies with leaves or rubbish at nights.

The south Korean puppet forces did not hesitate to commit hair-raising atrocities against distressed citizens of the DPRK who went adrift to south Korea.

Those whom the puppet forces did not send back to the north after kidnapping them when their boats were wrecked in the sea numbered more than 60 in the past five years.

All facts go to prove that the puppet forces are a group of the worst human rights abusers and hideous criminals.

We express the expectation and conviction that the world justice and conscience will heighten vigilance against the anti-human rights burlesque of those forces hostile toward the DPRK, pay due attention to the worst human rights situation in south Korea and become vocal censuring the human rights abusers.

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