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Park Geun Hye Censured by S. Korean Internet Paper
Pyongyang, April 27 (KCNA) -- An editorial titled "President is troublemaker" was posted by the south Korean internet paper Voice of People on April 23.

The editorial said Park chaired a meeting at Chongwadae in connection with the ferry Sewol sinking accident but she only gave a unilateral instruction, far from discussing measures for the accident, and neither made a responsible apology nor reflected herself there.

It went on:

At the meeting Park cried out for seriously punishing officials concerned. It is astonishing that she and Chongwadae were excluded from punishment.

The chief culprit of the accident is the "president". However, she failed to reflect herself and make an apology for the accident but called for seriously punishing officials concerned only. It is, indeed, very wrong.

It is a trite-method employed by a dictator to conceal the essence of the problem and evade the responsibility for it by diverting elsewhere the public distrust and resentment.

Incompetence of the "government" precisely means the incompetence of the "president". Park can never evade her responsibility.

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