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Foreigners Visit KPA Museum of Weapons and Equipment
Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- Foreigners have visited the KPA Museum of Weapons and Equipment here.

Anders Kristensen, head of the delegation of the Denmark-DPRK Friendship Association, said the visit helped him know clearly about the might of the DPRK. To defend oneself from invasion, one has to possess power for self-defence to repel it, he said, noting with appreciation that the DPRK has directed big efforts into increasing the capabilities for national defence.

Raymond Ferguson, head of the delegation of the Australia-DPRK Association for Friendship and Culture, said the museum is a wonderful place showing the will of the Korean people to defend the country and its sovereignty. He added the Juche-based spirit of self-reliance of the DPRK is so great, stressing the museum is an excellent edifice that can hardly be found in any other place of the world.

Martin Lotscher, head of the delegation of the Switzerland-Korea Committee, noted the Korean people built such a wonderful museum under the wise guidance of Kim Jong Un. He added the museum is a good educational place showcasing the ever-victorious history of the DPRK and the invincibility of the great Songun politics.

Zhang Guixin, assistant to the president of the Liaoning Provincial Association for International Friendly Contact, said the museum is associated with self-less devotion and efforts made by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il for the development of the defence industry of the DPRK. This is an epitome of the history of the development of weapons and equipment of the KPA, he added.

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