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U.S. President's Tour to Asia under Fire
Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- 26 Japanese and 55 south Korean civic organizations released a joint declaration on April 22 to denounce the tour of U.S. President Obama to the Asian region, according to the south Korean internet newspaper Thongil News.

The U.S. claims Obama's tour is aimed to strengthen diplomacy, economy and security system in the Asia-Pacific region, the declaration said, terming it a dangerous move to further Washington's hegemonic military policy in Asia.

It went on:

The U.S. reinforces its forces in Asia, concentrates its naval troops in the areas of the Pacific and tightens triangular military alliance with south Korea and Japan under the pretext of "threats from the north" and "conflict over territory".

The U.S. is keen on arms buildup to perfect the combined armed forces system as the Asian version of NATO.

The declaration urged the U.S., south Korea and Japan to stop the moves of reinforcing offensive weapons, adding:

The U.S. government, stop supporting Japan in its exercise of the "right to collective self-defence"!

The U.S. government, start negotiations for building the peace-keeping mechanism on the Korean peninsula and in Northeast Asia at once!

The Japanese government, stop trying for possession of the "right to collective self-defence" and revision of the pacifist constitution!

The south Korean "government", lift the "May 24 Measure" and come out for the overhaul of the south-north relations!

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