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Delegations of People Visit KPA Units
Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- Delegations of the people visited units of the Korean People's Army on the occasion of its 82nd anniversary.

Service personnel of the units welcomed the delegations.

Marshal Kim Jong Un sent gifts to units of the army. Gift-conveying ceremonies took place there.

Gifts associated with the loving care of Kim Jong Un were conveyed to units amid enthusiastic applauses of the participants.

Service personnel of the army vowed to remain loyal to the Songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Un and prepare themselves to be vanguard fighters of the Songun revolution and human bombs and bullets defending him.

The members of the delegations warmly hugged happy soldiers of the supreme commander as if they met their own kinsmen.

They told about their home news to soldiers and handed over aid materials they prepared with sincerity.

They looked around units which covered the path of victory and glory under the leadership of the peerlessly great men of Mt. Paektu.

They heard a report made at a meeting for celebrating the 82nd anniversary of the KPA together with the solders and joined them in other colorful events.

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