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Revolutionary Opera Staged in Hamhung
Hamhung, April 22 (KCNA) -- The performance of the revolutionary opera "The Fate of a Self-defence Corps Man" is being given by the South Hamgyong Provincial Art Troupe before full house at Hamhung Grand Theatre on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il's guidance over the perfection of the revolutionary opera.

The opera makes a truthful artistic depiction of the miserable life of the stateless people and of how the hero of the opera gets class awakening after undergoing twists and turns and trials.

The opera is based on the revolutionary drama of the same title, an immortal classic masterpiece created by President Kim Il Sung in the days of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle. Kim Jong Il devoted painstaking efforts and wisdom to perfecting the opera when he was bringing about a radical turn in the creation of operas.

He visited the creating staff several times to complete dozens of songs as famous ones and energetically guided their representation, specifying orientation and ways including dances, stage decor, symphony arrangement, dialogue and other elements of artistic representation.

The audience is mesmerized by famous songs of the opera and refined acting and truthful representation by artistes.

The performance goes on.

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