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Rodong Sinmun Praises Immortal Feats of Kim Il Sung
Pyongyang, April 22 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in an article says President Kim Il Sung will be alive in the hearts of the Korean people and the world revolutionary people as the eternal sun of Juche and the sun of mankind, no matter how much water may flow under the bridge and no matter how many generations may be replaced with new ones.

He is the peerlessly great man whom the Korean people acclaimed for the first time in the history spanning five thousands of years, the great leader, the father of the people and the most distinguished leader in the 20th century who performed the undying feats on behalf of the era and revolution, the country and its people, the article says, and goes on:

In the whole period of his revolutionary leadership, he set forth independence as the lifeline and settled all issues in the revolution and construction in keeping with the requirement of the Korean revolution, interests of the Korean people and the specific condition of the country.

He put the trend of history in the 20th century when a fierce struggle between progressives and reactionaries and between socialism and imperialism was being waged onto an orbit of independence. This serves a miracle to be specially recorded in the history of modern politics.

Korean-style socialism, the greatest patriotic heritage bequeathed by him, is the eternal foundation to dynamically push forward the building of a thriving socialist nation in the new century and successfully accomplish the socialist cause of Juche.

The service personnel and people of the DPRK will wage a more dynamic struggle to translate into a brilliant reality the dream and ideal of the people on this land under the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un, cherishing deep in mind the feats of Kim Il Sung who built the socialist state centered on the popular masses.

The history of Kim Il Sung's nation and Kim Jong Il's Korea is the glorious course shining with their idea, leadership and undying feats and this is the way of eternal victory and prosperity of the country to be followed by the DPRK for all ages.

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