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S. Korean Opposition Parties Demand Resignation of IS Director
Pyongyang, April 21 (KCNA) -- South Korean opposition parties demanded the resignation of the director of the Intelligence Service, according to MBC and CBS of south Korea.

The Alliance for New Politics and Democracy held a lawmakers' meeting on April 15 and adopted a resolution calling for ousting Nam Jae Jun, director of the IS, from his office.

It asserted that Nam has already lost the qualifications as the head of the IS.

The spy case of a pubic official in Seoul city should not be allowed to end in making an "apology", it said, urging Park Geun Hye to oust Nam Jae Jun from his office and opt for an overall reform of the IS.

It went on:

The prosecution announced the results of the investigation that the upper echelon is not involved in the IS's fabrication of the spy case. This is little short of pulling out only feathers of a bird, leaving its body untouched.

The Alliance for New Politics and Democracy called for introducing a special investigation into the case.

The Justice Party held that the first button for reforming the IS is to force Nam Jae Jun to step down at once.

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