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Day of Sun Celebrated by Koreans in China
Pyongyang, April 21 (KCNA) -- The General Association of Koreans in China held an event at Yuwen Middle School in Jilin, China on April 15 on the occasion of the 102nd birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung (Day of the Sun).

Present there were Choe Un Bok, chairperson of the General Association of Koreans in China, officials of the association, delegates of its affiliated organizations, Korean nationals in Jilin city, officials of the DPRK consulate general in Shenyang, a vice-director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Jilin Provincial People's Government, a vice-mayor of the Jilin City People's Government and others.

The participants laid floral baskets before the statue of Kim Il Sung at Yuwen Middle School in Jilin in the name of the association and its affiliated organizations and the DPRK consulate general in Shenyang and paid tribute to him.

A meeting of the association took place to celebrate his 102nd birth anniversary.

Choe Un Bok in a report praised Kim Il Sung as a legendary hero who saved and glorified the destiny of the country and nation by defeating the two imperialisms in one generation.

Choe called for turning out as one on the road of patriotism for glorifying the new century of Kim Il Sung's and Kim Jong Il's Korea as the one of prosperity and proud victory, rallied close around Marshal Kim Jong Un, in order to achieve the final victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche and the socialist cause pioneered and led by Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

A letter to Kim Jong Un was adopted at the meeting.

A Kimilsungia-Kimjongilia show and a photo and book exhibition on the theme "Comrade Kim Il Sung's exploits will be everlasting" were held on the same day. There also took place an art performance and sports and amusement games.

The Zhongnan Regional Association of the General Association of Koreans in China held a meeting at the DPRK embassy in Beijing on April 12 and the Liaoning Regional Association of the association sponsored a meeting in Shenyang, China on April 13 on the same occasion.

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