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S. Korean Paper Calls for Action against Authorities' Tyranny
Pyongyang, April 20 (KCNA) -- An editorial posted on the south Korean internet paper Voice of People on April 18 called upon the workers to take the lead in the struggle against the authorities' tyranny.

The people have to undergo unimaginable sufferings under the present regime which emerged through election rigging backed by all powers, it deplored.

Where there are oppression and tyranny, there comes strong resistance of the masses, and standing in the van of the resistance are pioneers who steer the struggle despite all suppression and sacrifice.

As shown by the April 19 uprising, May 18 resistance and June resistance, the pioneers of the struggle were youth and students.

The people, who are oppressed under the dictatorial regime wrecking democracy, deteriorating the people's livelihood and pursuing plot-breeding politics, are ardently requiring the pioneers of the era. The workers should play an important role.

Facing the workers are the tasks to stage the May and June general strike for the settlement of the major labor problems including halt to privatization and the resignation of the Park Geun Hye regime.

The workers should play the role of pioneers in the struggle to realize the desire of all the people who are oppressed under the present regime.

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